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Durant Road Elementary School Carnival


My family joined me this evening at the Durant Road Elementary School Carnival. I offered Henna and Bryan talked with everyone about our wands. Jack ate hamburgers and enjoyed the bounce houses and games. We had a successful evening full of friends, conversations, connections, and fans. I’ve been making wands for a while and Bryan has been turning wands on his lathe and they are so beautiful!

Something we found very interesting was that the kids were more interested in my wands and the adults were more interested in his. They are all very cool. It was neat to see the different reactions. Most of the children were so well behaved and we could tell they wanted to touch the wands. Their faces lit up when we invited them to handle the wands, just no spell casting or underage wizardry inside the building. Who can resist that!?

I made a new sign for our booth and it turned out exactly the way I wanted it.


It was raining and the carnival had to be moved indoors. We swayed with the wind and set up our booth, which was part of the magical corridor – we were in a great location with some of the most phenomenal face painters and the always fabulous Eliza Hearn sharing fairy hair.

I was able to connect with some very cool people, mostly young girls, and some boys who wanted henna. I did dragons, Star Wars alliance and empire symbols, soccer balls, hearts, flowers, you name it. These were some of my favorites of the evening:



My favorite henIMG_20160422_185719911na of the night! This was a young lady named AJ who told me that she didn’t know what she wanted and that I could do whatever I want. I asked her what she liked to read. She told me that she loved science fantasy and that she’s reading a book about dragons right now. COOL! So, I thought about it for a moment and tried to make a piece of jewelry that a princess would wear – some piece of technology that she could use to communicate with her guards or her family. When I was done I asked AJ what she thought. She said she loved it, that it looked like a princess. My heart shot out of my chest and I told her what I was thinking while I was creating it and she thought that was cool. We talked about what responsibilities a futuristic princess might have and how hard it would be to be an intergalactic leader. This is what I love about sharing henna with people – it’s the connection.
I was asked if I do birthday parties. I would love to do birthday parties! Please hire me to do your next birthday party or event. I come with a table, two chairs, examples of my work and ideas, a roll of paper towels and hand sanitizer.

If you are interested in a fantastic art experience, sign up for a party at The Artful Mind. I am an instructor here. The studio offers a space for 10 children and they can create an art project (I’m thinking painted canvases with their own henna designs) and we can do henna for everyone attending. 

Bryan had fun selling our wands. We had a hurdle with the metal roof on the building making it hard to run our square reader for cards, but everyone was very cool and didn’t mind walking towards the end of the hall with Bryan…oh technology, we love it!

I’m looking forward to doing more craft shows with Bryan. He is my life partner, my best friend, and an amazing designer. Loved ones, If you find someone you love and find something you can share, please do it – it’s way more fun than doing it by yourself.


Just keep swimming.


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