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A birthday cake


Some of you know that Kenna was a cake decorator for many, many years – two or three lifetimes ago.

It started while Kenna was in college, when she made a cake for a friend and it looked like a sleepy six year old had decorated it. Frustrated, she signed up for a Wilton’s class. Kenna found she had a real talent for decorating with icing. She completed all the classes and later taught for Wilton. She went to work at Harris Teeter in their bakery department where she learned about production. After a while, she decorated for her local Baskin Robbins and formed the most wonderful friendship with the Indian owners, learning so much about Indian culture.

As time passed and her skills grew, Kenna started selling cakes from her home in Charlotte. When Kenna and Bryan moved from Charlotte to Raleigh, Kenna interviewed and received a decorator position at the prestigious, Edible Art Bakery in it’s original location in downtown Raleigh on Hillsborough Street. Kenna remembers scraping a cake five times before it was ready to go out. This is where Kenna learned what it takes to be an artist – that you have to be willing to do what it takes to make what you are creating “just right”. These lessons came at an important time in Kenna’s life and stay with her to this day. Kenna stayed with the bakery for nearly four years, until carpal tunnel reared it’s ugly head again (Kenna had corrective surgery in her right hand in 1998 with 100% recovery). Some decorators go their entire lives without issue, but for Kenna, it was a crippling and painful issue. In 2002, Kenna left the cake decorating business with a heavy heart. She still dreams of decorating cakes – literally – sometimes while she’s sleeping and dreaming, you can see her right arm moving in circles as she decorates.

Kenna still decorates cakes for friends and family. The cake pictured above was done for a good friend’s birthday and celebrated at a book club. Good friends, good books, art, cake, and love – these are the things that make a happy Kenna.

Just keep swimming.

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