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Mother’s Day and Synchrodestiny

Jack’s school choir sang at Meet In The Street this weekend in Wake Forest. After our interesting excursion downtown, our sweet little family settled in for Mother’s Day weekend. I was pleasantly surprised with the most beautiful hand painted tile by Jack and exquisite earrings that Bryan bought me at the festival from our favorite local jewelry makers, CinTinque.

MD.Dragon. 2016.Jack

Check out this bada$$ dragon the young goldfish made for me. Now, to find just the right place for it.


This is my second pair of Mother’s Day earrings from CinTinque. They are sublime!

We made our calls to our moms, whom we are very fortunate to have in our lives. We connected with my mom in Virginia where she had just finished a very successful bake sale at church where the proceeds will send children to camp. I love that my family has always lived in service to others. We may not all walk the same path, but we are always looking for ways to help. We left a voicemail for Bryan’s mom and then missed her call when she called back… it happens.

When we did connect later that evening, his mom said that she had been to a craft fair in Charlotte and started thinking… (Let me back up for a moment)

When I met Bryan in 1995, I was so impressed that his mother was a fantastic artist. She has creativity flowing in her veins. Bryan, as an industrial designer and all over maker, has it flowing in his as well. Eileen, Bryan’s mom, has never stopped being an artist, and she’s been painting more since last year.

…what if we had a product to sell at these art fairs.

Bryan and Jack and I looked at each other and for a moment, it was nothing but toothy grins in our living room.

“Mom, that’s what Kenna and I have been doing.”

We explained about this website and how we have a show this Saturday and Bryan has another one on the 28th, how we have started working on helmets and swords, bows, and arrows – that we have a dream/plan to make imagination play items for children of all ages that are inspired by literature…that this is what we want to do with our lives – that once Jack goes to and/or finishes college, that Bryan and I want to make a “Tiny House” and travel the country making and attending festivals, meeting other artists and people from all walks of life.

It’s a joke in our house, that our dream is to become hobos, because when we explained this dream to then 8 year old Jack, and he was really worried that we would never be able to get a shower. We explained to him that we’d find a way to keep up our hygiene.

Eileen was over the moon about this – what a coincidence, a miracle, or as Deepak Chopra calls it, Synchrodestiny: harnessing the infinite power of coincidence to create miracles.

Whatever it is, it is pretty darn cool. An artist, her son the industrial designer, his wife the artist, and their sweet family all working towards the same goal – this is very, very good.

The wind is ours, we only have to through our sail.


Just keep swimming.


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