//A day of Henna and Wands

A day of Henna and Wands

Sycamore Creek Elementary’s Carnival was a great day for us! Thank you so much for coming out to support the school and for keeping Kenna busy with henna all day! Bryan was excited to share wands with many of you. We really loved our new friend who we know as Rainbow Unicorn Girl – she found her wand, or, her wand chose her.


Kenna was a Henna machine! The morning started fairly slowly, but once people heard there was henna, they found us and the line never stopped. We appreciate you all more than you’ll ever know and are grateful and thankful for the opportunity to share our art with you!

This weekend was full of wonderful connections and seeing old friends and family. I made another connection for a birthday party, which is exactly in the direction I’d like to move. Please let me know if you’d like to have henna at your next event – birthdays and picnics. I’ll come to your event and set up my chairs and tables, and create henna for all of your guests. This makes me so happy to be able to share this world art with others. Thank you for this opportunity.


Just keep swimming!

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