//When love and art come back to you.

When love and art come back to you.


I am a Girl Scout leader and I love it! This year I was on the Admin team for my area and one of the things we wanted to do was to create a way to recognize and celebrate leaders in our area. We decided to start a “Leader of the Month” recognition and I offered to make the signs that would be placed in the yard of the Leader of the Month. It was fun and I loved making them. Like any project, these signs evolved from poster board on a piece of PVC tubing to a laminated poster with a metal holder, to an honest to goodness yard sign, printed at a print shop. I made these posters each month before we decided to scan them and have them printed. While I loved making them, not making one each month freed up a lot of time for me.

We recently had our official Adult Recognition dinner for the end of the year and an email spread around the Admin team about how we hadn’t selected a recipient for May, so we should all take our picture with the sign at the meeting for May. I thought that was a great idea and sent my response. A few others sent theirs too. Those stinkers! They completely got me – I was the Leader of the Month! Bwahahaaaa! Once, when I was working at the bakery, I was told that I needed to go to the party store to get a bunch of balloons to accompany a cake for the next day – that it was for a bridal shower and that they needed to be purple and at least one of them needed to say “Congratulations”. For some reason, this upset me. It was a Friday night and we needed to be working on cakes, not balloons, and why did I have to be the one to go get them? Grumble, grumble, grumble. When I returned, the entire front of the bakery had been turned into a bridal shower for me and there I was holding my own balloons. I cried, I had been so wrong. I wish I could have seen my face.

I am loved.

This is something I am reminded of constantly, and I am so happy that my art came back to me. I took my sign home and proudly placed it in my yard. It’s not just love and recognition from my peers, it’s my art that I’ve shared with others this year and it’s come back home. The love we give comes back to us – I sincerely believe this.


Just keep swimming.


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