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Exciting adventures, new friends, and the Pop-Up Market at Sola


Wandmaster Bryan

Bryan and Jack had a great time at the Sola Pop-Up Market yesterday. This was Bryan’s first show without me and he did a beautiful job. Jack helped set up the tent and get everything up and running. Hooray Bryan and Jack!

I was able to join them near the end of the Market and heard all about their day. Bryan whittles at our booth and Jack tried his hand at it. No injuries and a new spiraled wand made me a very happy mom.


Hey Jack, did you whittle? A little.

Jack was very excited about one super cool booth: Porch Fly. He wanted a candle they make and asked if we could trade a wand. They agreed and we got to meet the excellent bearded Jay and his beautiful wife Lauren, who are very kind and excited about Jay’s new wand.

You guys, this candle is divine! I love that Jack picked it out. It smells so good and it’s a natural soy candle with a cool wick that creates an even, clean burn. We lit it yesterday and our entire house was filled with the scent. Jack has always had a fascination with candles and to be able to do a trade was thrilling Tradesies for Jack
for him. He’s the best of us and makes friends almost as easily as I do. I really recommend finding Porch Fly at a Market or online and getting one of these awesome candles. They have a great line of shirts as well. The Easy Rider Squirrel cracks me up and may be one of our Christmas presents this year. I’m lookingERS at you Pop.



We met some really cool artists and people interested in what we had on the table. We met a lady who wants us to help her celebrate her birthday in January with wands for her party guests. She was wearing a Harry Potter necklace. We love connecting with people over Harry Potter. The upcoming book and movie are things we completely geek out over and it’s so cool to meet people with similar interests. We met another young lady wearing a Deathly Hallows necklace who took her time choosing her wand. She was in town visiting her mother and is heading to Animazement in downtown Raleigh today. We were delighted to talk about nerd culture with her – from Star Wars to Harry Potter, Doctor Who to Anime. She is the best and found the wand that spoke to her.


We are still new to craft fairs and learn so much from each market and this was no exception. At lunch afterwards we talked about how we feel connected with people around the world who have shops in bazaars and markets all over the world. We also talked about how cool it is to have something that we do as a family. Jack has been practicing his dragon drawings, so be on the look out for this addition to our magical booth!

We are very excited about our booth this Saturday at the Mondo Roots Festival in Clayton, NC. I will be offering henna body art and Bryan will be offering wands. We’ll also be accompanied by the amazing Eliza, who will be offering Fairy Hair! It’s going to be a magical booth for sure! We’d love to see you all there!


Just keep swimming.


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