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So, I’m going through and applying to different conventions today – filling up our calendar with various shows, markets, conventions, festivals, and any other thing I can think of to physically get our art out to people. This is the part that is hard work. The actual making of art and connecting with people is the fun part.
I searched for SparkCon, which is an amazing collaboration that happens in September in downtown Raleigh. For the last two years, our sweet little family has entered and won honorable mentions in the FAMILY category. It was so nice to see this today:

The internet is so fleeting and recognitions disappear before we can collect and share them. It was a pleasant surprise to see that this was still available.  2015 was our first year doing a chalk square as a family and we received an honorable mention. We called our piece: The Inspection. It was an idea that came from a picture we took of our chickens on our back deck.

Last year our inspiration was our fat cat, Holmes. We called this one: Fat Cat.

I’m not sure what we’ll do this year, but I know it will come from our hearts. There are artists who shock and surprise us – with them most amazing art around. There are different categories and each section offers fantastic art. It’s a 5’x5′ square – what will you say with it? This is the biggest question. We’ve decided that until our kid wants his own square, we will continue to enter as a family. This is something that has become a tradition and we hope he comes home from college to join us as we get down on the street, get completely filthy, and make some art together.


The street painting is only one portion of the amazing festival of SparkCon – there’s food, art, fashion, music, skateboarding, acting, modernday circus acts – it’s amazing and if you have time, we highly recommend getting there to be a part of the wonderful vibe that is the Arts Community of Raleigh, NC.

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