/, Henna/A piece of my heART will be at a music festival this weekend!

A piece of my heART will be at a music festival this weekend!

Last night I spent a couple of hours at my favorite local coffee shop – Wake Forest Coffee Company. This place is very cool and has an artists loft upstairs that you should check out. From time to time they have a call for artists for themed shows and I was honored to have a piece in the Heart and Home show in February.

Wearing henna is the best way I’ve found to start a conversation with others about it. Bryan and I were getting some ice cream a few weeks ago at our very favorite local ice cream shop – Lumpy’s. Behind the counter was a beautiful lady who was excited about my henna. We told her about how I’d just spent the whole day offering henna at the Mondo Roots Music Festival and she was over the moon to get some henna before she headed out to her next music festival – Electric Forest. There is an entire world of EDM arts and music festivals that many people have no idea about. These are seriously cool.

Sarah contacted me via email and we set a date and time to meet. She’s leaving tomorrow night to drive to Michigan for this festival and I couldn’t be more excited that she’ll be wearing my art. She carries my heart on her sleeve.

Sarah was amazing – she said that she’d seen my work and just wanted me to create whatever I wanted to. We set a dollar amount that worked with her budget and created this beauty.

It starts at her shoulder with a tree, a sun that’s kind of hanging out – because the solstice is approaching. There is a firefly and a butterfly chilling in the space beneath the tree. The tree is surrounded by flowers and life – all of the natural beauty that surrounds us. Then, there is a line and a warbling between the modern and metal structure beneath – the space between these two is calm and open, with the roots of the tree formed by a steel girder that follows the feminine curve of the arm and flows into whimsy. There are leaves at the end of the muscular structure because nature is the beginning and the end. I love the positive and negative space in these shapes and I can’t wait to see it in a day or two.

One of the wonderful things about sharing henna at the coffee shop is that I get to talk with other people who are interested in henna. I met Felicia, who is a preschool teacher working her way to getting her education degree. She wanted henna, but it could only be something small since she works with children all day and had to adhere to appearance guidelines. This is what we came up with for her: 


I love sharing this art with everyone – and I get better each time I do it. Thank you Sarah and Felicia for letting me share this with you, for your kindness, your attention, and your love.

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