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What’s going on?

There’s so much going on at camp moderngoldfish.

Number one in our minds is car difficulty – no one likes car trouble. We’ll get through it, there’s nothing that reminds us of how privileged we are like having to compromise and be a one car family. It’s a humbling reminder of how wonderful our lives are. Lessons and reminders like this are important.

I’m getting better at henna! I can feel it. Every time I sit down and share henna with as many people as I can, I get better. I was able to help a friend with her son’s birthday party and I offered henna to anyone who wanted it. I only wish I’d remembered to photograph everyone. I really need to get better at that! Here are some of the beautiful hennas I created and shared.

It was super cool to share henna with everyone at this party! I love being a fun part of celebrations. A few people asked if I had a tip jar and I told them that I did not – that everything was taken care of and while I appreciate their kindness, I was there to simply share henna. That is a GREAT feeling!

We are working on wands like our hair is on fire! Our rainbow wands have been very popular – which makes our hearts soar! One of our favorite convention memories is from GamgaCon when a woman walked up to our booth and said to her friends, “I can feel the gay radiating from this wand!” She purchased the wand and we geeked out on Pride month. It was fantastic!

We’ve been trying to find a way to add something to our booth that celebrates our love of all things Doctor Who. My doctor will always be number 11. Bryan is partial to number 10 – and in that spirit, I have started making fezes and bow ties. These are part of The Doctor Starter Kit. Making things like this is the really fun part!

We recently attended the Mid Atlantic Steam Punk Convention. It was really cool to see so many people excited about this art and movement. We ran into some friends from previous shows and connected with some great artists. Inspiration is all around us and we are always learning. There’s so much going on and we are delighted to share it with you.


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