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There’s a lot going on… and Bryan on a scooter.

It’s hard to believe that we are in the second half of the year already! We can feel the days getting shorter, which is exciting because autumn is our favorite time of the year! We love North Carolina – there’s no where else we want to live. One thing we aren’t happy about is the humidity – not just for us and our sweet chickens who hate the heat, but for using acrylics in our wands. Acrylic paints and sealers are best used between 65 and 85 degrees – this offers an excellent drying time and the finish that I want for my wands. I’ve explored different acrylic sealers for the wands and I’m happy with the one I’m using now. The problem is that the humidity makes the acrylic cloudy and I get more of a matte finish – the drying time is also doubled and my glittery wands never seem to be completely dry. I’ve tried spraying the wands and letting them cure in Bryan’s shop – with the air conditioner running, and while that is the way to go during the summer, the wands aren’t turning out the way I really want them to. The crisp air of Autumn and Winter bring the finest wands I’ve seen – which is why I’m excited for the fall.

I’m also excited for the fall because of all the opportunities to share our art with the world! We are filling up our calendar with events. Between marrying people, conventions, art shows, and festivals, we’ve loaded up our weekends from now to the end of the year. We’re really hoping to hear from the folks at illogicon about their event in 2018 – we missed the application deadline for this event earlier in the year and we’ve made it through the jury process. This is so exciting – each year we meet more people and find new shows – it’s a circle of love and art – which is exactly where we want to be.

You can find our events here!      And here!

It’s been a summer full of reading, creating, and falling in love with our family again. The little one is home for the summer and I’m enjoying every minute. Unfortunately I haven’t gardened at all this season, but it’s okay, I’ll get it going next year.

Recently we were vendors at a really cool music and art festival – Bernaroo. It was held in New Bern, NC and even though the venue moved to it’s emergency rain venue at City Laundry, it was well attended and we met some super cool folks!

I snagged some super awesome art for my kitchen chicken wall and I’m looking for a frame for my newest addition – The Amazing Princess! Check out Michell Morgan’s art – she’s super rad and she’s a high school Language Arts teacher. Readers are our people!

Check her art out on facebook and society6! She’s fantastic and her mission is: Making cosmic horror and existential dread adorable, one cut-thulu at a time.


We had a great time! I got to share some henna with people – one lady in particular – her name was Henna! When she told me that her name was Henna and that she’d never actually had an henna body art, I asked her how she got her name. She shared with me that she began life in India and was adopted from an orphanage.  Wow. I am a true believer that each and every human has a unique story that is worth learning if you simply take the time to listen.  It was an honor to share this first experience with Henna.

So, we arrived at the festival WAY early. If you know me, then you know that Bryan is the early bird and I’m working on it, but I usually arrive just in the nick of time with my hair on fire. We were about five hours early – it’s all good, we were able to pick our space and take our time setting up. Jack fell asleep while getting some henna – sweet nugget. We were able to explore what New Bern has to offer. We recommend the crab dip at MJ’s seafood – it’s the bombdotcom! There are lots of cool shops and the guys were able to take a great selfie…

We stayed with friends of ours – Allison and Ray in Allison’s parents’ cool house in Kinston, NC. Kinston is a very cool town that is growing and got our imaginations going with skywriting plans that lasted all the way home. We walked around downtown Kinston and shared a beer at Mother Earth Brewing. I even got to completely embarrass Jack with my moonwalk.


We  ate ice cream, explored a very cool park in the works, and checked out a full-size replica of a confederate ironclad, the CSS Neuse. There’s a lot of history in Kinston and a lot of very cool things going on there. Although nothing as cool as my dancing, I’m sure.

Media we are consuming and looking forward to: Christmas episode of Doctor Who. J.K. Rowling announced two new Harry Potter books will arrive this year! The 22nd book of Attack on Titan comes out on August 1st. Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale Blu-ray comes out on September 27th! We’re enjoying Game of Thrones, and looking forward to Ready Player One next year. I’m reading the Border Trilogy from Cormac McCarthy. Bryan is reading Rainbows End by Vernor Vinge. Jack is working on the Order of the Phoenix.

What are you reading? We’re interested!

Oh, and here’s Bryan on a scooter.


Just keep swimming.


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