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Magical unicorn headbands!

So, just when you feel like you couldn’t possibly get any more magicalar. That’s a word, right?

Muther trucking unicorn headbands!

My genius friend Christine makes these and I had to buy two tonight! She has agreed to make more for our shows this season and she’ll be taking orders. She makes deer antlers too, but I was blinded by the magic of this one!

We rise by lifting others. This is one of the main themes that runs through our lives – that we are all in this together. Life, love, work. play, and most definitely art! Our genius friend Christine, who goes by Handmade by Finch, makes these magical unicorn horns. She also makes cats and deer, but Kenna was seriously blinded by the wonder and magic that is this unicorn horn headband.

Christine has been so kind to make more for our booth this holiday season and will be taking orders at each show. As crocheting is a time consuming skill, she will only be able to fulfill 20 orders per show, so please let us know how we can hook you up with your own little bit of awesome!
This is so comfy – I forgot that I was wearing it last night when I went out for dinner. As I found my seat, a little girl said, “Look momma. It’s a unicorn!”
You’re gosh darn right little girl. I AM A UNICORN!
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