Marble wood and Walnut with Soapstone Skull

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Strength, connection, and power. This 14 inch wand has it all. The pommel is a grey and black marbled soapstone skull that we purchased from a local lapidary. The skulls is nestled in a Walnut handle that connects with a Marble wood blade. The effect is a stunning show of strength, this is one powerful wand!

A South American hardwood, Marblewood is one of the hardest wands available. It is gorgeous and Kenna thinks it looks like a cat. Walnut is a North American wood with warmth and this piece has an excellent figure. Bryan's wand signature is the carbonized tip - where energy is directed and magic erupts!

Whatever your needs are - to practice or to play, this wand was made for you with great love. 

If you have any questions, please let us know!

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