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Please join us for Kenna’s birthday weekend at Charlotte Comicon as we share our latest wands, potions, and other magical creations!

It’s her double 21 birthday, or as we call it around here, her “Don’t Panic” birthday!

Admission is $5 per day and kids under 12 are free.


Here’s the convention schedule:

August 18th and 19th–Charlotte Comicon 2018 Summer Show:

Comics and Toys in ONE ROOM: Open Saturday 10am-6pm and Sunday 10-4pm! 21,000 square foot ballroom! Come meet all of our incredibly talented artists and writers, and our special media guests! Shop some of the best deals you’ll find on comic books, collectibles, and toys!

Cosplay and Main Stage located in Carolina Ball Room: Open 10:00am-6pm Saturday and 10:00am-4pm Sunday




10:30AM—BE YOUR OWN SUPERHERO: Everyone has it within them to be a superhero! Dan Johnson presents his educational workshop that shows you how to do it. Especially recommended for Kids 5-12 but open to all ages. Location: Main Stage.

11:30AM—COSPLAY FOAM BUILDING: This panel will show you the tools and steps needed to create various types of foam builds. From props to full costumes, find out which types of tools you can use to create different edges and dimensions as well as which types and sizes of foam to use for various projects. Learn which products work best to finish off your foam projects and give them longer life. Workshop presented by TheWorldsOkayestHandler and BettieBombshellCosplay. Location: Main Stage.

12:30PM— THE DUSK SERIES: MAKING DARKNESS FALL. The cast of the Dusk Series discusses and demonstrates what it takes to bring this groundbreaking series to life including; how to choreograph and film fight and action scenes in a LIVE series, the art of authentic dialogue, and getting the one take in one shot. Moderated by Ron Rossmann, Jr. Location: Main Stage.

1:30PM—VIC AND RICK TAKE THE MIC: AN INTERVIEW WITH TWO MARVEL COMICS LEGENDS. Marvel Comics, one of the Big Two in the industry. Vic Carrabotta was there when the House of Ideas was being built and Rick Leonardi was there in its hey day in the 80’s and 90’s. Two legends from different eras meet to discuss their time in the industry and their impact on comics. Moderated by Dan Johnson. Location: Main Stage.

2PM—NERDFENSIVE GAMING TOURNAMENT.  Nerdfensive will be hosting a mini tournament based off what game the community votes on. Come prove your fighting game prowess against others and see who will stand as champion! Located at the Nerdfensive booth.

2:30PM—THE FACE BEHIND THE VOICE: AN INTERVIEW WITH VOICE ACTORS ISAAK WELLS AND KARLI WALKER. Learn what it is like to create (and recreate) character voices for video games like GTA, Skyrim, Family Guy, Marvel Avengers Academy, and 2018 releases Doom 3: Phobos, and Sea of Stars Odyssey. Moderator TinyYourHost. Location: Main Stage.

3:30PM—TINY’S SUPER FUNTIME COMIC TRIVIA EXPLOSION SHOW! TinyYourHost is back to test your geek knowledge. (The only explosion will be the one in your mind) Location: Main Stage.

4:30PM—COSPLAY Q&A. Our cosplay mentors will be on hand to answer your questions, address concerns, discuss Do’s and Don’ts, offer tips and suggestions, and guide you through your cosplay experience. This panel is for all levels from novice to master, amateur to professional, casual cosplayers to those who seek to make a living behind a mask. Featuring MatildaCayneCosplay, KallisteCosplay, DingbatCosplay, KittenWins Cosplay, and AmberleLinneaCosplay. Location: Main Stage.


10:30AM—Heavy Metal HeroesHeavy Metal Heroes, the Charlotte area’s favorite band of superheroes playing hard rock music, will bring us a special ‘unplugged-style’ live performance.

11:30AM—DUSK DOES HOLLYWOOD. Come watch The Cast of the Dusk Series recreate some of the most iconic scenes in cinematic history as they pay homage to their favorite flicks via LIVE table reads. Moderated by Ron Rossmann, Jr.  Location: Main Stage.

12:30PM—“THAT COSPLAYER IN THE MIRROR” A discussion of the personal and emotional struggles that cosplayers face, both in the convention circuit as well as their “muggle” lives. Dealing with issues like feeling judged, lack of inclusion, fears, and many times being our own worst critics. Moderated by CaptainWhoCosplay and The Clown Prince of Charlotte.  Location: Main Stage.

1:45PM—CHARLOTTE COMICON OFFICIAL GROUP PHOTO. Our official photographers will take our traditional cosplay photos on the grand staircase in the lobby of the hotel. Feel free to join in and to take your own photos, but please be mindful to stay behind our photographers so that they can get the shots they need. Cosplay Photo Do’s and Don’ts can be found on our website.

COSTUME CONTESTRegistration for all age divisions located in the Cosplay Room begins at 11:30am on Sunday and ends promptly at 1:30pm NO EXCEPTIONS. Kids, Teens, Adult-Am, and Honorable Mentions are prejudged during registration. Pro-Division entries will be judged separately. Complete rules and contest details can be found on our website and will be provided in a printed format in the cosplay room upon request throughout the weekend. Pro-Division contestants should be back from the group photo and prepared to lineup in the cosplay room by 2:15PM. Contest Award Presentation will begin at 2:30pm.  Location: Main Stage.