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What is Mondo Roots you ask? To better understand what this festival is all about let’s break the name down. “Mondo”, the Italian word for “world”, literally means “Striking or Remarkable” and “Large or all-encompassing”.

When we founded Mondo Roots we wanted to have a festival that was striking, diverse, interesting, engaging; furthermore, the “Root” of this festival is to give the surrounding communities an all-encompassing festival celebrating different cultures and different walks of life. Simply put Mondo Roots is a festival that is here to “Celebrate Diversity and Empower the Community”.


Mondo Roots has it all! Music, art vendors, food and beverage vendors, sunshine, and cool down spaces. This is our favorite music festival! Bring your kids, your dogs, your sense of curiosity, your open heart and mind, and your wiggledy hips. It’s going to be a blast!