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Come join us as we celebrate all genres and goodness that is a comic con! We are excited to return this year to Statesville Comic Con with new wands, potions, prints, and jewelry to connect with the Harry Potter fandom you love as well as other literature that makes your heart beat. We both read Dune (we’ve loved the film and mini-series, but never actually read it… oh my goodness, did that change in late 2018. Bryan was thinking a lot about the Litany Against Fear and it’s a staple in our home, but we realized we’d never read it. Bryan tore through it and Kenna followed. Kenna has become obsessed and is currently on the fifth of the six book series. Arrakis has us in her clutches and our creative juices are flowing to celebrate her. The spice must flow!)


Needless to say, we’ll have some new creations to share with you and look forward to seeing you there!


Adults $5 children 10 and under $2 …3 and under are free