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Oh. Mylanta!

Not only is there collegiate quidditch. Not only is it near our hometown. Not only is it a Harry Potter festival complete with a Costume Contest.  We are going to be there with our wands ready!

We are SUPER excited to join the UNCC Quidditch team, Rural Hill Farm, and all of the witches and wizards within a very large radius for the Quidditch Cup and Harry Potter Festival!

Please come out and give us your finest Wingardium Leviosa!

Here’s information about the event from Rural Hill:

Join us for UNCC’s Official Quidditch Tournament, as well as a full weekend of wizarding fun!

In addition to the tournament, try your own hand at Quidditch with our workshops lead by UNCC. Attend wizarding classes and visit your House Tent. Don’t know which tent to go to? Get sorted in a Sorting Ceremony. Find your magical supplies and other fancies in DiagonAlley and meet with local authors for book signings in KnockturnAlley. Take a ride on the Hogwarts Hayxpress while sipping on Butterbeer. Or, for the adults, have some local craft beer. Compete in our Costume Competition. Make a wand, and try your luck at Every Flavored Bean. Visit our Care of Magical Creatures petting zoo and learn about the animals. Have a bite to eat at the Leaky Cauldron Tent. Enter the Tri-Wizard Tournament, including our 7 acre corn maze. Hear live music, and fly around in the bounce houses (additional fee may apply).

Want to stay all weekend? Join us in the campground! We’ll kick Friday night off with a concert featuring Celtica Fae.

Need even more fun? Add a Yule Ball ticket (Limited! Only 150 available!). Celtica Fae rocks out again for dancing and wizarding fun.

All tickets include access to the Amazing Maize Maze

Parking is free