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Henna Kenna

I am delighted and honored to share Henna Body Art with you.

This body art is used in many cultures around the world. To me, one of the most beautiful aspects of henna is that it does not discriminate regarding skin color – that every shade of skin will darken with henna. This is something that I’ve found very empowering for African American children I meet. They are worried that this isn’t for them and when we talk about how henna will show up on everyone, there is an exhale and a smile that comes from being connected and realizing that you belong – and this is just one of the reasons I love henna. It is art that is an equalizer – and what is art if not to connect us all on some level. You can find more on my thoughts about henna here.

Henna is a flowering plant that is dried and crushed into a powder and mixed with water or tea and essential oils like tea tree, or lavender. I use a cone to apply henna (think cake icing) and it stains the skin. The original henna looks like chocolate icing and will dry and crack, begin to flake, and then fall off completely. The longer you can leave your henna on your skin, the darker it will become.

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