Black Lives Matter Free Decal

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UPDATE: We have over 1300 orders today - that's awesome! We need to buy more vinyl and stamps!

We gotta pause to make sure we can fulfill these. Check back or use this link to purchase additional decals.

Thank you for understanding that we are two very overwhelmed artists trying to make a difference. Thank you, we love you! Keep going!



Due to amazingly overwhelming response, it may take some time to get your decal to you. 


Racism is not an African American problem; it is an American problem. You can help us by helping spread the idea that there are no second class citizens, that we all have equal value. We are here to be allies, to listen, and to let you know that shit is real.

On Black Lives Matter decal is free.

UPDATE: We hear you and you want more.

Use this link for additional decals.


We want to make one and send it to you.


Thank you for using your car, your laptop, your jetpack, or whatever surface you choose for letting this be the message you send. It’s a 2 by 2.75 inch decal made from Oracal 651 Glossy Vinyl so you can put it outdoors, on car windows, and bumpers. We are making NO money on this, if you feel moved to donate, please consider donating to these causes

There are a few things we have to consider for our own sanity and production capability

  • We will make and send these out as long as we can.
  • We can only send one per request and address.
  • Please be patient, we’re artists, not a big production company.
  • If you or someone you know has access to a vinyl cutter (we use a silhouette cameo), please email us for the file. 
  • We are only mailing these in the US.
  • If you can’t understand why a middle aged white couple in North Carolina would put energy towards getting this message out, it’s because we want to use our privilege, our tools, gifts, and resources to make the world a better place.
  • Love is still the answer.

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