12 Days of Potion Ornaments!

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The full collection of our handmade potion ornaments - at a discount!

12 ornaments for $100

Each ornament is $10, which includes shipping. This listing is for the full set - one of each potion ornament.


If you want to create a different variety, please add ornaments to your cart individually. When you select 12, the system will take $20 off your total for the 12 Days of Potion Ornaments discount.

Here are the links for individual ornaments. 

Acromantula Venom                     


Darkness Powder                            

Draught of Living Death                

Draught of Peace                            

Elixir of Life                                        

Felix Felicis                                         

Floo Powder                                     

Gilly Weed                                         

Phoenix Tears                                   

Polyjuice Potion                               



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