• moderngoldfish are makers of fine wands

Love in the time of COVID, a moderngoldfish update.

Oh mylanta, do we miss you all! One day soon we'll be able to hug and catch up at a comicon, a convention, an art market, or any of the many places humans gather. Until then, we are doing alright. We're focusing on creating amazing art, updating our website, we've created a youtube channel, and we're learning how to homeschoolish a seventh grader. We recently relearned how to find the volume and surface area of an equilateral triangular prism. Oh yeah! We've had our hands in the dirt on beautiful days and we've been devouring books thanks to the library. We appreciate your commissions, your orders, your check ins, and your love. We placed a container of chalk on the sidewalk and that's been a great way to meet the neighborhood young at heart. We hope you are well and that something good happens for you today. We're adding work to the website daily, so please check back and ask if you have any questions. We miss you. Take care! 

  • We make nerdy earrings! DNA strands and Atomic Symbols!
  • Our customer and friend, Jennifer shared our creations in her special shrine at home.
  • Wand makers, potion makers, and creators.
  • moderngoldfish are makers of fine wands