Professor Sprout's Herbal Holders

Professor Pomona Sprout teaches Herbology and is the head of Hufflepuff. 

Hufflepuff puff give.

Looking to add some magical enjoyment to your huffle-puff experience, look no further than our very own creations: Herbal Holders. The handmade and unique holders are created the same way Kenna makes her wands and include an alligator clip to carefully hold your herbals. 

We started making these for 21 and up shows like Harry Potter bar crawls and a very exciting event at the NC Museum of Natural Science. They were a big hit and while we aren't comfortable explaining to youngsters at comicons and art markets what they are, we figure if you're online looking at them then you have the power of the internet and can draw your own conclusions. 

Please let us know if you are interested in a commission piece, as we make these quite often for good people looking for something specific.