Who are we?

We are exquisitely loved and full of life.

What are we?

We are artists, problem solvers, humanists, an industrial designer, a sewing and art instructor, an interactive media instructor, a secular wedding officiant, a woodworker, a henna artist, a painter, an illustrator, business owners, a wife and a husband, father and mother, sister, daughter, son, soon to be aunt and uncle, friends, wannabe minimalists, science fanatics, readers, gamers, animal lovers, chicken owners, and pretend master gardeners. We are also so glad you are here!

Where are we?

We both  grew up in Charlotte, NC and returned after living for 20 years in the Raleigh/Wake Forest area. It's good to be home - we love it. We share a very sweet and small house with my our wonderful son, two fat cats, and we will be welcoming new chickens very soon.

Why are we?

We are here to bring joy and remove suffering, to love and be loved. This all started with the idea of goldfish as indeterminate growers – they will grow as big as their bowl / tank / river allows them. We think a lot about our bowl. Not so much the physical boundaries of our existence, but the depths and breadths of understanding and learning available to us as modern humans. In this light, the bowl is infinite and we are modern goldfish.

We rise by lifting others.

Just keep swimming.