We get asked some amazing questions. These are some of our favorite questions as well as ones we get asked quite often. 

Do you make all this stuff?

Yes. Yes we do. Well, about 95% of it. There are a few things we purchase and resell, like our time turners and golden snitch fidget spinners. We are working on smelting metal but we haven't gotten there yet. We also believe that we rise by lifting others and we are thrilled to work with and amazing artist, Ed Williams at EdsArtwork; check out his framed prints at our booth or in the Prints section of our shop!


Did we see you at Pride?

Which one? Yes, you did. We adore Pride events - everyone is happy and uplifting love and the freedom to be who you are. This is so important to us!


How did you come up with the idea to make wands? 

Kenna wanted to make a brownie wand for a friend is a faerie. After research and ideation, she found the same youtube videos about chopsticks and hot glue that everyone has access to and as an artist, she explored and evolved her practice to create a really wonderful product. At the suggestion of her friends and the owner of the art studio where she was a teacher (thank you Kari), she split a table (with the same friend who received the brownie wand - thank you Eliza!) at a high school holiday market and sold nearly all her wands. Bryan started turning wands a few years later and we've been making and selling wands together. 

How did you get started doing shows? 

We met a couple of artists, Cindy and Tink, who are Cintinque at Meet in the Street in Wake Forest. We loved their work, their set up, and fell in love with them. We emailed them and asked if we could invite them to dinner to pick their brains. We spent 3 hours just talking about what goes into doing shows. Reaching out to them was the smartest thing we did in the beginning. Please ask us or someone to share what they've learned, what they would or would not do again if they were starting - we all have something to learn from each other. We borrowed tables and tents from friends for about 6 months before Cindy and Tink sold their tent to us because they were upgrading. Love happens when you let it in. 

How are your wands made?

Watch Bryan make a wand here: https://youtu.be/RQu4QmQDAnI

Watch Kenna make a wand here: https://youtu.be/oof5IpnTOwc

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I own a retail space, can I carry your work, do you wholesale?

Oh heck yeah! We do wholesale and love working with retailers. Let's do this!

Ask us a question, we'll do our best to answer it.