Phoenix Tears Potion Ornament

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Bring your advanced potion making love to your Yuletide celebrations with our Phoenix Tears Potion Ornaments! We created these ornaments by request based on our potion designs. 

Please check out each of our 12 days of potions!

Acromantula Venom                     


Darkness Powder                            

Draught of Living Death                

Draught of Peace                            

Elixir of Life                                        

Felix Felicis                                         

Floo Powder                                     

Gilly Weed                                         

Phoenix Tears                                   

Polyjuice Potion                               




We magically apply the glitter inside so there's no mess. These are 3 inch round plastic ornaments (we needed a child, pet, and shipping friendly option). Each label is hand aged and each ornament is handmade – there will be delightful slight variations from ornament to ornament and that is part of the beauty of art.

There is NO liquid in these ornaments. The Gilly Weed ornament looks like it has water inside, but it contains .4 ounces of cured resin and is definitely solid.


Each of these ornaments has a potion we make to match, often in three different sizes, please check them out.

If you are sending these as a gift, please let us know and we'll include a special note for you.


Each ornament is $10, which includes shipping.

Special offer for all 12 potion ornaments: When you select any 12 ornaments, you will automatically receive 2 for free at checkout - the system will take $20 off your total. Thank you so much!

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