Android Square Card Reader Holder - never lose it again!

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We are artists, problem solvers. Our problem was that we were always losing our card readers. There's nothing worse than arriving at a show and realizing you can't find your card reader. Problem solved!

We have designed and 3D printed a beautiful, practical, and useful holder for your Square reader and Android device.

You can find our Apple version here. 

Currently we have four colors. If you are looking for a unique color to match your business, there is a $30 set up fee to add that color. Send us a message and we'll talk about your needs. 

We definitely want to give a shout out to the designer of the Android model at thingiverse : kendal3d. If you want to print your own, here's the link: so shout out to him! Our very own Bryan designed the apple version, and was inspired by this Android model.

If you don't have a 3D printer, please consider connecting with us to get one of these for your very own! They're only $8.50 each and shipping in the US is free.

Thanks y'all! Keep working hard. We love you, appreciate your kindness, and hope this solves a problem for you!

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