Gilly Weed

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Gillyweed is a magical plant that, when eaten, allows a human to breathe underwater. When Gillyweed is eaten by a human, it gives them fish-like attributes, including gills to process oxygen from water, webbing between the fingers and toes for easier swimming, removing the need for blinking, and adapting to cold temperatures in water. While under the effects of Gillyweed, one cannot breathe air with their lungs. There is some debate among Herbologists as to the duration of the effects of Gillyweed in fresh water versus salt water, but in fresh water, a sprig of Gillyweed lasts for well over an hour.

Mermaids enjoy visits from their land locked loved ones. Explore the depths with Gillyweed!


Our potions are custom brewed in our hermetically prepared dungeon. Each bottle is hand poured, sealed and decorated just for you. The potion labels are aged for the air of authenticity. We design the labels and hand age them so they appear faded and stained. Each bottle is an original, so there will be some variation among the labels. All potions are epoxy sealed to prevent spillage or accidental consumption. In the unlikely event of a spill or break, all materials are non-toxic.


Decoration only. Don’t drink.


Small: 1.7" x 1.4" x 1.4"

Medium: 3.3" x 1.55" x1.55"

Large: 7.25" x 2.26" x 2.26"


Please note that you are buying a piece of art and not a product. You are paying for our time and artistry, as well as the supplies it takes to create these potions, not official merchandise. Any use of material protected by law, such as "Harry Potter”, “Hogwarts”, etc., is for descriptive purposes only. We have not received any endorsement from and are not affiliated with or licensed by any holder of intellectual property or common law rights related to the Harry Potter series of books, films, and merchandise, any of their subsidiaries or licensees.

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