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August 2020 Newsletter...
full of love, never spammy!

Hello friends, and happy August!

We hope you are healthy and well.

We are looking forward to celebrating Kenna's 44th  birthday this month - her sun is in Leo, her moon in Gemini, and her heart is in making the world a better place by connecting with people through art. In numerology, the number 44 is all about business - especially as it relates to building something to benefit many generations with focus on efficient and conscientious building. Kenna is building for the present and the future. 

Send some good vibes her way on the 18th this month, she's our star and we love her!

We've been working on making earrings this month. You can find them in person or on our website. We're working to get them all up on our site: and our etsy page.

If you want to find them in person, here's where to do that:
Charlotte: The Bag Lady 1516 E 4th St, Charlotte, NC 28204
Raleigh: Niche & Dime @ Crabtree Valley Mall 4325 Glendwood Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27612

Bryan and Jack built a fence last month - this is step one on the path towards Kenna's birthday gift - having chickens again! Woot!
Kenna's passion project this month was Chakra Inspired Wands

We do a lot of research, like, for fun. Kenna has been learning more about Chakras, energy, and how are lives are all connected. This learning inspired a new line of wands with crystals that connect with each Chakra. These were fun to make and she is looking to continue learning through making. 

Modern Goldfish Youtube channel! We're not doing shows, but we're still creating. The current struggle is that it's normal to create and make.... it's not normal to set up lighting and consider filming opportunities. We'll get there. Thank you all for watching. 

Modern Goldfish's Youtube Channel


Here are some of the books we've been reading this month. 

We are artists. We make things for a living. We love making wands, altars, decorative potions, cosplay props, jewelry - we make things that people think up and can't make for themselves. What can we make for you? Once COVID subsides and we are able to gather safely, we can't wait to see you at a comicon, convention, art market, pride event, or festival.

If you don't need anything right now and still want to help us continue to help others, please consider becoming a Patreon. This is a way to support artists, it's kind of like buying us a cup of coffee every month... and there's perks! Check us out

Until we can gather again, please know that we love you, that we're missing you and thinking about you. We want to lift you up and see what you've been making or learning, trying, and reading. You are important to us. Keep going, we're glad to know you. 

We rise by lifting others. 
Just keep swimming. 

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