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June 2020 Newsletter... first in months, told you we weren't spammy!
Happy Pride Month!

Hello friends! We haven't checked in in a while and thought now would be a great time because there's so much going on and there also isn't so much going on. We hope you are healthy and finding ways to cope with our very weird times. 

Pride events, shows, comicons, art markets, and all other places people gather have been cancelled, and we're okay with that - we want us all to be safe. When we come to the other side of this we'll hug and connect and wash our hands together. 

Kenna and Bryan have been working on some new things... primarily our online game. So, our website is brand new and still being populated. Please let us know what you think - we're adding products everyday and shipping them out to you wherever you are. 


We've started a Youtube channel! We're so excited about it. We were feeling internal pressure to produce a weekly video, but we've decided to take our time and create videos we love that might take more than a week to film and edit. If there's something you'd like to see, we would love to hear from you!

Modern Goldfish's Youtube Channel


It's June and that means it's time to celebrate Gay Pride! Wherever you find yourself in the beautiful and diverse rainbow, we stand with you, we celebrate you, we are right here with you! If you are looking for something to show your Potterverse and Gay Pride, please consider a Rainbow Deathly Hallows decal! 

Here's something cool.... use the code: FOURPACK to get any 4 decals for the price of 3!

Rainbow Deathly Hallows Decal

Okay. Let's get real for a minute.

Free Black Lives Matter Decal


Racism is real and tragic and people are dying. After crying and hurting and trying to figure out what we could possibly do to help, Bryan and Kenna decided to make BLACK LIVES MATTER decals and give them away for free. So, head over to our site and snag one. It's free and shipping is free. We're sending one per request/address in the US. We aren't making or taking any money for this. If you are moved to donate, please consider making a donation to: 

We rise by lifting others. 
Just keep swimming. 

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