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July 2020 Newsletter...
full of love, never spammy!

June has been wild! 

Hello friends! June 2020. Whaaaaa?

Usually we're wonderfully exhausted from conventions, Pride events, and art markets. Right now we're wonderfully exhausted from ALL the Black Lives Matter decals we've been sending out - if you're waiting on yours, thank you for your patience. We've had nearly 2000 orders for decals and we're trying to get bulk mailing set up with the Post Office so we can continue to send these out for free and still feed our teenager. We aren't sure if we can continue offering them for free, but they will continue to be available for a very reasonable price. 

We are committed to continuing the fight for equality. This is a movement, not a meme. Keep it going. Have the hard and uncomfortable conversations. If you haven't, please register to vote.

We are wand makers. If you need a magic wand to hold to help you feel stronger, let us know and we'll create one for you. We'll keep making wands until we can make one that brings peace, understanding, and love to all the people.


On a very personal note, we said recently said goodbye to  our dear, sweet, and friend of 12 years, Watson. Watson is a beloved member of our family and we miss him so much. 

His brother, Holmes, is still searching for him, although he does enjoy being the one and only kitteh in the house.

Watson taught us to be better people. He would pee on anything soft on the floor - so no more towels or laundry.  He made us clean up our act and for that and many more reasons, we love and miss him terribly.


June brought our very favorite and first nephew to the world! Baby Alex is absolutely wonderful and completely loved! Congratulations Sarah, John, and Sweet Baby Alex!

This month Bryan was excited and honored to complete a commission for a friend we've made at multiple conventions over the last few years. Jay was looking to update his family crest as a gift for his sister, the family's genealogist. He enlisted Bryan's help and the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. Bryan loved the research that went into this project. He learned a lot about heraldry and would love to recreate more family crests. 

Let us know if there is a family image we can bring up to date for you.

Modern Goldfish Youtube channel! We're not doing shows, but we're still creating. The current struggle is that it's normal to create and make.... it's not normal to set up lighting and consider filming opportunities. We'll get there. Thank you all for watching. 

Modern Goldfish's Youtube Channel


We created Tiny Altars at the end of 2019. This is Kenna's passion project for the year. We build the Tiny Altars in our workshop, imbuing them with good thought, positivity, and love. Then we select stones and crystals from an ethical and well trusted vendor. Kenna selects each stone and collects them for different intentions. These stones come with information about their metaphysical properties, why they were selected for this intention, and the chakras they connect with. 



Artists and Writers


Peace and Calm 
Positive Workplace Energy

Prosperity and Abundance


Right now Kenna is putting together a Tiny Altar for New Parents, and one for your New Home. These Tiny Altars are sized to fit anywhere you need them - for travel use, or in a sweet nook of your home or office.

Bryan makes Altars of any size.These are in our home, in sight of Kenna's workspace.
Here are some of the books we've been reading this month. 

We are artists. We make things for a living. We love making wands, altars, decorative potions, cosplay props, jewelry - we make things that people think up and can't make for themselves. What can we make for you? Once COVID subsides and we are able to gather safely, we can't wait to see you at a comicon, convention, art market, pride event, or festival.

If you don't need anything right now and still want to help us continue to help others, please consider becoming a Patreon. This is a way to support artists, it's kind of like buying us a cup of coffee every month... and there's perks! Check us out 

Until we can gather again, please know that we love you, that we're missing you and thinking about you. We want to lift you up and see what you've been making or learning, trying, and reading. You are important to us. Keep going, we're glad to know you. 

We rise by lifting others. 
Just keep swimming. 

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